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Emeritus Faculty

Emeritus Professor Jeffrey Robinson CBE
Emeritus Professor Robinson's research examined the control of fetal and placental growth and development, with a focus on the effects of placental restriction, insulin-like growth factors and nutrition on fetal growth.

Emeritus Professor Bill Breed
Emeritus Professor Breed's research interests have centred around the evolution of sperm and eggs and their interaction at fertilisation.


Emeritus Professor Alastair MacLennan AO
Emeritus Professor MacLennan's cerebral palsy research team has helped to reverse the myth that cerebral palsy is usually due to lack of oxygen at birth.


Emeritus Professor Colin Matthews AO
Emeritus Professor Matthew's research included, frozen sperm for donor insemination, IVF and Gnrh Agonists, and Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection and Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis.

Professor John Mulley AO
Professor Mulley established a genetic testing laboratory providing a service for a range of human genetic disorders while leading research projects in various aspects of human genetics.

Professor Rob Norman AO
Professor Norman's major research contributions have been in IVF and reproductive endocrinology, particularly in PCOS, the effect of lifestyle on reproductive outcomes and periconception medicine.

Dr John O'Loughlin AO
Dr O'Loughlin's main clinical research interest at the Women's and Children's Hospital was the role of ascending genital tract infection in the initiation of preterm labour.


Associate Professor Ossie Petrucco AM
Associate Professor Petrucco spent 37 years investigating the disease processes which prevent natural conception.

Emeritus Professor Don Roberton
Emeritus Professor Roberton lead the establishment of the internationally recognised Vaccinology and Immunology Research Trials Unit (VIRTU).


Professor Bob Seamark
Professor Seamark attracted and successfully mentored 35 PhD students during his time at Adelaide.


Professor Grant Sutherland AC
Professor Sutherland led the main Australian group involved in the Human Genome Project gene mapping and sequencing phase, with particular emphasis on chromosome 16.


Biographical Memoirs

Professor David Armstrong
Professor Armstrong had a long and distinguished career in reproductive biology. His early work identified oxytocin as a luteolytic factor in cattle and showed that it could be used to control oestrus. He was the first to demonstrate the role of LH in luteal progesterone production.

Emeritus Professor Brian Setchell
Emeritus Professor Setchell published "The Mammalian Testis", a translation of the original text in Italian by Enrico Sertoli which discusses the cells in the testis now bearing his name.

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