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IVF VET Solutions provides mouse embryos assays, research consultancy and contract research.

IVF VET Solutions, established in 2009, is a business unit operating inside The University of Adelaide.

Our services

Mouse Embryo Assay (MEA)

Mouse Embryo Assays (MEA) are performed to screen for toxicity that may be present in media, oil and consumables used in the human IVF industry and research laboratories. This is a key preventative control element of the quality management of laboratories to provide traceability and consistency of performance.

Our standard assays begin at one-cell and are cultured in protein free conditions for a minimum of 96 hours. there are strict acceptance / rejection criteria, which includes the use of established negative and positive controls to validate the testing. 

A Certificate of Analysis (CoA) is provided to clients on the same day as the results are recorded to ensure efficiency in reports. We require for test samples to be provided by the client, with instructions as to how the sample would be used in the laboratory. 

Alternatively we offer a customised service, whether you desire a two-cell assay or an extended MEA culture (up to 120 hours), we can provide a tailor made solution to suit your toxicity testing requirements.

Research consultancy

On a fee for service basis, we provide:

  • Technical advice
  • Laboratory management requirements
  • Training in embryo production techniques

Contract research

Our technical and experienced staff have the skillset to undertake custom research and development projects. This ranges from performing experiments using animal embryo materials, manufacturing media and vitrification of embryos at all stages of development.

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Contact details

For further information, please contact IVF VET Solutions:

Email: ivfvetsolutions@adelaide.edu.au
Phone: +61 (0) 8 8313 1486

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