Critical & Ethical Mental Health

The Critical and Ethical Mental Health (CEMH) research group conducts research, teaching and advocacy in order to promote safer, more effective and more ethical research and practice in mental health.

The problem

Evidence indicates that unhappiness, distress, and stress are inappropriately medicalised, resulting in over-diagnosis and the unnecessary prescription of psychiatric drugs. At the same time, there is inadequate treatment and support for people with serious chronic mental illnesses.

One contributing factor is significant misinformation about mental health and mental disorders, which misleads health professionals, the media, the public, and governments, jeopardising the rational allocation of the billions of dollars of taxpayers' money spent on mental health services every year.

Our group is seeking financial support to establish a postdoctoral fellowship within CEMH to carry out critical appraisal, meta-research, teaching and advocacy, in order to improve understanding and clinical practice in mental health - contact Prof Jon Jureidini to donate today!

We believe our research will have a significant impact on mental health for children and adults, not just here in Adelaide, but around the globe.

Read our top most read papers

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