Functional Genomics South Australia Core Facility (FGSA)

Formerly known as the Gene Silencing and Expression facility, FGSA provides gene manipulation, high throughput assay services, and cell line testing in a fully equipped PC2 laboratory

Functional Genomics South Australia Core Facility (FGSA)

FGSA facility specialises in production of lentiviral, AAV, and retroviral vectors. Require a different viral system? Contact us for a consult.
As a node of Phenomics Australia, FGSA operates as a researcher driven system whereby researchers are embedded into the facility trained on appropriate equipment and supported through concept design to screening and analysis.


Platform technologies for gene expression and gene silencing

  • High quality high titre lentivirus, AAV, and retrovirus for in vitro and pre-clinical in vivo models
  • Capabilities to work in custom viral models
  • Pre validated vectors for overexpression, shRNAi or CRISPR delivery
  • Free GFP-encoding lentivirus aliquot(s) for new users to run lentivirus experimental test prior to any orders (try before you buy)

High throughput Functional Genomics screening

  • Dharmacon human library for whole genome/cherry picked CRISPR assays
  • Semi-automated assay design, screen and analysis
  • Training and use of FGSA equipment

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  • FGSA Screening Equipment

    FGSA has a wide range of equipment to build research capabilities and expertise in automated high throughput assays

    • EL406 Biotek plate reader with magnetic plate holder
    • Nucleofector 4D with plate shuttle
    • PC2 Biosafety cabinet and CO2 Incubator
    • Janus G3 integrator enclosed with a laminar flow

    The equipment listed, along with complementary equipment unlisted allows researchers to fully embed themselves into FGSA from experimental start to finish. This reduces the cost for large screens.

  • Cell line testing for replication competent virus (RCV)

    For Testing of mammalian cell lines for replication competent virus associated with prior genetic modification.

    Testing of cell lines will be performed to facilitate research activities at the University of Adelaide exclusively.

    Testing is done in accordance with the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator’s requirements as authorised under licence DNIR-681.


Dr Jason Gummow

Dr Jason Gummow is your first point of contact for the FGSA core Facility, with Prof Simon Barry providing technical expert consulting. Contact us to discuss the facilities capabilities including custom projects and prices.

Dr Jason Anthony Gummow PhD
Facility Manager
0416 819 157

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Functional Genomics South Australia (FGSA) is supported by Phenomics Australia, a National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS ) project that enables research discovery and high-impact healthcare outcomes in precision medicine.