2016 RRI funding programs

This year the RRI supported it’s members through 15 different funding schemes – providing resources for conference attendance, seed funding new programs, mentoring, building stakeholder relationships, grant development, fellowships, scholarships amongst other schemes.

Below is a list of the 2016 funded programs.

Research programs

  • Engaging Opportunities Program: Supporting the development of innovative and collaborative projects, that address key research priorities through partnership with relevant stakeholders, and towards broadening the funding base beyond traditional NHMRC and ARC funding.
  • Exchange Program: Supports extended visits of interstate and overseas collaborating researchers, as well as RRI Research Leaders and ECR/MCRs to visiting overseas groups. The aim is to build research relationships for the benefit of RRI and its members.
  • High Impact Paper Support: Encourages and supports RRI researchers to publish in “High Impact” journals. The funding supports whole or partial reimbursement for page charges incurred when publishing in High Impact journals.
  • High Performance Researcher Program: Facilitated by an external specialist, this program seeks to up-skill researchers by providing them with the tools required to forge a successful career in research.
  • Innovation Seed Funding Program: Aims to foster development of new research ideas involving collaborative effort from ECRs and MCRs working across research groups and themes, invest in projects that utilise and expand RRI capability in core facilities and better position ECRs and MCRs to achieve funding success from other sources including Channel 7 CRF, NHMRC or similar.
  • Investment for Success: Supports competitive NHMRC project grant applications that were unsuccessful in the 2016 round, so that they may be developed into more highly competitive applications for resubmission in 2017.
  • International Visitors Program: Supports the appointment of visiting honorary professors aligned to RRI Themes and Priorities.
  • Large Grant Applications: Supports RRI Research Leaders in the development of large grant applications. i.e. NHMRC CREs and Program Grants; ARC LIEFs; and NIH grants.
  • Mentoring Program: A program developed to facilitate mentoring partnerships between RRI Research Leaders and ECR/MCR members, with the aim of facilitating career development and successful application for Fellowship award.
  • Travel Grants: Travel Grants aim to provide the opportunity for researchers to present and disseminate their research findings at national and overseas conferences and meetings.
  • Visiting Speakers Program: Supports the visits of research leaders from interstate and overseas to speak on their latest research findings.

Scholarships and fellowships

  • Jeffrey Robinson & Repromed Hons Scholarship: Awarded each year to two high achieving Honours students with the aim of attracting high quality students to the research programs of the Institute.
  • RRI Career Development Fellowship: Will fund the salary of a RRI “Emerging Star” early career researcher for one year. Will support an individual to enable development of a competitive application for a NHMRC Career Development Fellowship or similar nationally competitive fellowship scheme.
  • RRI Fellowship in Global Health: A collaborative fellowship supporting the development of global health research, jointly funded by the DVCR, RRI and The Faculty of the Professions.
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