Our NHMRC success

Congratulations to the following RRI members for being awarded NHMRC Project Grants – commencing in 2019:

  • Prof Jodie Dodd: The First 1,000 Days: in-utero and early life exposures and their contribution to child obesity $2,426,050
  • Prof Rebecca Robker: A therapy to restore health of gametes from older males and females seeking pregnancy $1,106,080
  • Dr Luke GrzeskowiakOPTimising Mothers’ Own Milk supply in the neonatal unit – enhancing breast milk supply with Domperidone in mothers of preterm infants (OPTIMOM-D) $980,692
  • Prof Claire Roberts: Targeting micronutrients to tackle pregnancy disorders: an integrated approach? $967,481
  • Prof Jozef Gecz: TREX nuclear mRNA export and healthy development $870,024
  • A/Prof David Parsons: Translating gene-addition treatment for CF lung disease to the clinic $861,345
  • Prof Darryl Russell: Functional non-coding RNAs: New players in oocyte maturation and female fertility $600,772
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