Travel story: Anmol Saini

Anmol Saini from the Robinson Research Institute travelled to Christchurch, New Zealand in November to attend the Society for Reproductive Biotechnology Annual Conference to participate in his first face-to-face presentation as a PhD student. 

This is what Anmol had to say about their experience:

What was a highlight of the travel

The highlight of the conference was having the opportunity to present my work and the interaction with researchers which has provided me with new insights and ideas for my research.

Please provide details on any researchers or collaborators of significance that you met at the conference and why they are important to your work?

During the conference I had one on one meetings with Prof. Rob Gilchrist from UNSW who is an international leader in my field. I also met with various members of his group and Prof. John Carroll, Monash University group.  I have referenced various papers from their lab and used some of their scientific methods in my thesis.

How will the experience support you and your research going forward?

The conference allowed me to develop my presentation skills, network with researchers in the field as well as gain a better appreciation of who’s who in reproductive research along with that explore of my post-PhD options and where I can take my career in the field, post-graduation.

What was the most exciting thing you learned/experienced as part of your travel?

The most exciting thing I learned/experienced was interacting with other researchers and students in as well as outside my field of research.

What was the most interesting or unexpected moment of your travel?

The Conference program in general which allowed me to gain first-hand a better appreciation of reproductive research in Australia and New Zealand

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