Bioinformatics Facility

Bioinformatics enhances the Institute's capability in next-generation sequencing and systems biology approaches to basic science and clinical research investigating human and animal reproduction and development.

Bioinformatics strategies to design and analyse transcriptome, deep-sequencing, genome and proteome data sets are a powerful approach to generating fundamental knowledge on systems and processes in biology and disease.

Dr Jimmy Breen leads the Bioinformatics Facility and works with RRI Research Leaders to:

  • Devise and address novel fundamental biology and clinical questions using large data sets
  • Advise on design and analysis of bioinformatics experiments and dataset development
  • Devise strategies for deep analysis of complex data from unique experimental models and cohorts
  • Assist in the supervision of postgraduate research students

For more information about the Bioinformatics Facility and to discuss your research projects please contact Jimmy.