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IVF VET Solutions

IVF VET Solutions provides mouse embryos assays, consultancy, contract research, embryo In Vitro Production (IVP) media products, and training in cattle In Vitro Embryo Production.

IVF VET Solutions was established by Associate Professor Jeremy Thompson and Dr Robert Gilchrist. Both have long and distinguished research careers in the development of cattle and sheep embryo technologies.

Specifically, IVF VET Solutions offers:

  • Mouse Embryo Assay (MEA)
    We provide Mouse Embryo Assays (MEA) to screen for toxicity that may be present in media and disposables used in the human IVF industry. This is a key preventative control element of the quality management of laboratories to provide traceability and consistency of performance.
    We offer a customised service, providing a tailor made solution to your toxicity testing needs. Our standard assays are 1-cell protein free.
  • Cattle IVP Consultancy Services
    We service cattle reproductive veterinarians and other specialists that seek support in the area of reproductive biotechnology, in particular the production of embryos using in vitro IVP technologies. We also support other species including sheep and deer.
  • IVP Media Suite (Research Media Production)
  • Embryo in Vitro Production
  • Vitrification Services
  • Training in cattle In Vitro Embryo Production

Contact Details

For further information, please contact IVF VET Solutions:

Phone: +61 (0) 8 8313 6338.

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