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Gene Silencing and Expression Facility (GSEx)

GSEx provides gene manipulation services to Australian researchers in a fully equipped PC2 laboratory. The facility offers custom production of lentiviral, AAV and retroviral vectors, and stock viruses for purchase by the microlitre. In addition, customers can access non-viral vector and other cell and molecular biology services through the GSEx facility.

Services offered include:

  • Concentrated lentivirus (50μl at 1e8 to 1e9 IU/mL) or retrovirus (50μl at 1e7 to 1e8 IU/mL) from $600 
  • Concentrated AAV (100μl at 1e12 to 1e13 vg/mL) from $950
  • Lentivirus and retrovirus titre can be determined by fluroescence microscopy (no charge), QPCR or drug selection (please email for prices) 
  • Stock lentivirus and AAV from $5 per μl
  • Custom cloning for basic plasmid construction from $700
  • Pilot transduction studies of customer cells using test panels of GSEx stock AAV or lentivirus
  • Pyrosequencing

Jason Gummow is your first point of contact for the GSEx Facility, with A/Prof Simon Barry providing technical expert consulting. To discuss the facilities capabilities including custom projects and prices please contact Jason.

The facility is an accredited AIB lab. An initiative of BioSA and South Australia's three universities, AIB labs provide SA researchers with access to specialised equipment and research services.

Jason Gummow
Facility Manager

0416 819 157

The Robinson Research Institute

Ground Floor, Norwich Centre 
55 King William Road 
North Adelaide SA 5006


T: +61 8 8313 1342

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