There are 4 student hubs at the University of Adelaide, offering an inspirational place for students to meet, study, make social connections and exchange ideas.

The Students Hubs are about embracing the future of university life right in the heart of one of the most historic campuses in Australia. As the third oldest university in Australia, we have a much-loved historic sandstone front, but we also have a vibrant and exhilarating student heart. In 2011 Hub Central (the first hub) became the physical home for this heart, a front door to the North Terrace Campus, and a new meeting and learning space for all our students.

  • Key principles of student hubs

    Our student hubs have been created with students and are largely self-managing spaces. Changes and improvements are managed through a co-creation process with students and all our hubs reflect the “your space” philosophy.  That is, they are designed for flexibility in student use and all students should feel comfortable to adapt and use any space within the hub. 

    There aren’t many rules, but there are a few key principles that we follow:

    • All spaces are available at all times to all active students, regardless of their program or home campus. The space is never closed to students.
    • Furniture is flexible and can be moved within the space at any time, but cannot leave the space.
    • The space is primarily a collaborative study space and its use should reflect the student lifecycle. This is particularly critical at peak exam and assignment times when students are at their most stressed.
    • Activities that would disrupt student study, including political protests, handing out leaflets, noisy bookings or parties are not permitted. The space is not available to external hirers unless designated areas have been identified.
    • Digital signage is available at no cost to promote events and activities; postering and leafletting within hub spaces is not permitted except on designated poster boards.
    • Student kitchens are made available to students on the basis that they are self-managing and students are expected to clean up after themselves.