Hub Story

The Hub Journey began in 2009 with the aim of creating the best on campus experience in the Australian national tertiary sector for our students.

The Hub journey

In 2009 the project team embarked on a co-creative journey, which to date includes more than 9,000 individual student hours of consultation and over 3,000 hours of staff involvement and discussion.

From the beginning, students have indicated that feeling a part of the University and having a sense of belonging to its community contributes significantly to their on-campus experience.

Student experience

Through discussion with reference groups, online surveys and social media, students expressed a desire for an immersive learning environment where they can study at their own pace, either in groups or individually, whilst also having access to the resources they require, when they require them.

They have indicated that the face-to-face delivery of services is important but that they also want more choice regarding how and when they access services.

Finally, students want a place to go to receive advice and assistance without having to visit numerous areas across the campus to resolve their issues.

Your space on campus

Following a 22 month process, on 12 September 2011, the University of Adelaide introduced Hub Central, the most dynamic student learning space in Australia, which students and staff of the University have worked together to co-create.

Hub Central is the ‘front door' to the University and an initial point of contact and first port of call for students. It is a place of welcome and belonging, and clearly identifies students with the University of Adelaide.