Training Room Bookings

Two training rooms are available for delivery of non-timetabled information sessions.

Rooms are equipped with a teaching computer, laptop connectivity, document camera, MyMedia recording, DVD/VCR combo player, touch screen controller, projector, and room audio.

  • Hub Central Seminar Room has capacity for 20 people.
  • Hub Central Training Room has capacity for 40 people and 20 computers.

You must provide a brief description of your session so that your request is handled in a timely manner.

These rooms are closed and locked when not in use, please visit Ask Adelaide prior to your booking to to have the room opened.

Bookings can only be made for these rooms within 30 days.

  • Terms and Conditions

    1. The Hub Manager/Manager of Ask Adelaide (or delegate) reserves the right to cancel one or all bookings.
    2. The training rooms are an occasional resource for short term training. Any recurring bookings (more than 3 sessions) are subject to approval by Hub Manager/Manager of Ask Adelaide (or delegate). Refer email below.
    3. The use of posters or leaflets is not permitted in any part of the interior or exterior of the Hub and decoration or posters cannot be fixed in any way to walls, columns, posts, doors, etc.
    4. All persons, organisations or groups hiring or using University Facilities are reminded that every member of the University community is required to observe the principles of Equal Opportunity Legislation.
    5. The User shall ensure that all attendees maintain and keep good order and decent behaviour within the University property and shall be solely and entirely responsible for the carrying out and compliance with the requirements of these conditions and shall be liable for any damage howsoever caused. 
    6. Remove any waste materials at the conclusion of your booking.
    7. Exemptions to the above terms and conditions may be granted by the Hub Manager in special circumstances.
    8. Bookings are expected to not cause a disturbance to students studying in the Hub.

    Any questions, please email

  • How to make a booking

    You can view the room availability and book directly from your Microsoft Outlook Calendar.
    Booking through Calendar can be made for resources including ‘Hub Central Seminar Room’ and ‘Hub Central Training Room’.


    1. Open the Microsoft Outlook Calendar.
    2. Select New Meeting on ‘Home‘ tab
    3. Add Meeting Recipients in the ‘To' box from Address Book
    4. In Search box - type Hub Central Training Room or Hub Central Seminar Room, and click on Resources Box
    5. Add other recipients (ie those who will be attending the meeting/training) by finding them in the Address Book, and adding them in the Required field box. Once recipients added, click on OK to exit out of the dialogue box.
    6. You can check if the Hub Central Seminar or Training Rooms are available by clicking on the Scheduling Assistant on the toolbar.
    7. Type in any additional notes in the body of the appointment if required. Once entered, click on Send.
  • After you make a booking

    You will receive one of the following messages in your inbox.

    Your request was declined because there are conflicts If you receive this message, your booking has not been successful.
    Please check the room availability and select another time.
    Note: Your scheduled meeting might appear in your Calendar, however your booking for the room has not been successful.
    Your request was received and is pending approval Your booking has been successful, pending approval from the resource owners. The resource owners will assess your booking and may either accept or decline your request. If you do not receive a response within two (2) working days, please contact us.
    Accepted The resource owners have approved your booking. Please retain the email as your booking receipt.