Terms and Conditions

There are more than 20 portrait and horizontal screens available, spread out over North Terrace and Waite, Roseworthy, and AHMS hubs.

Submission via the online form does not mean an immediate upload. Please allow at least 7 business days for your image to appear on the digital screens.

Images submitted must meet the following guidelines:

  • Landscape - 1920x1080 or
  • Portrait - 1080x1920
  • Must be in JPG format

Please note: an image must be included when making a submission online. Ask Adelaide does not offer a service to create digital signs. Please contact Marketing if you require graphics assistance.

  • Image guidelines

    • Images are displayed on the digital screens in Hub Central for between 10-20 seconds.
    • Large font should be utilised to allow images to be read at a distance.
    • As the University is a English speaking University, images in a different language will not be displayed.
    • Hub Central aims to be inclusive to all students at the University. As such, signs that are targeted towards all University students (i.e. domestic a nd international students) will have preference over images that exclude one group or the other.
    • To keep the digital signage current, Images will only play for a maximum of 1 month. Longer play times are at the discretion of the Digital Signage Team. Please take this into consideration when submitting an image.
      • If you need an image to play for longer than a month, multiple image submissions are encouraged, provided there are significant differences between each image.

    User feedback indicates that images that include too much writing are not as effective as images that limit the amount of writing, and instead include a link for further information.

    • To increase the efficiency of the Hub Central digital screens, and to encourage students to look online for more information, images that have too much writing will not be uploaded and will be sent back to the submitted to be altered.
    • Images that have the basic information that then includes a QR code or link to further information are encouraged.
  • Background and Objectives

    The vision for Hub Central is to provide the best on campus experience within the national higher education sector for all students. The key elements to the student experience within Hub Central have been identified as an informal learning space which facilitates aspects of social learning; a library which is integrated in the learning process; services for students which are delivered face-to-face and online; and information technology with ongoing student focused support. A key element in achieving an excellent on campus experience is the developing of Information Technology and Digital Services (ITDS) facilities which provide high quality services, are student centered, and encourage informal and flexible learning practices.

    Digital signage is a tool by which content and messages are displayed on electronic, computer controlled digital screens. It replaces static text and pictures with a display which can incorporate moving images, video, scrolling text and highlighted messages. Digital signage may be used to provide up-to-date information including dynamic content, emergency overrides, availability of resources, advertising and promotion. Digital signage enables the display of relevant messages on different screens according to the location of the screen and the time of day or year.

    Hub Central has more than 20 digital signage screens, which aim to provide:

    • A modern and efficient platform to communicate directly to students
    • an additional channel for University stakeholders to display a range of promotional information relevant to students that will increase awareness of university campus life and student opportunities
    • welcome messages and information for visitors to the University


    The messages displayed on the digital screens will be in accordance with the following principles:

    • Digital signage within Hub Central is a shared communication channel with content of messages being provided from a variety of sources including students, student organisations, student service areas, library and learning support units, Faculties and Schools and other University units.
    • Messages from external organisations will require approval and must be relevant to a University event or activity.
    • Postings on the digital signage will be moderated and the University reserves all right to upload or remove items. Material for the digital signage will be approved by a designated staff member before the message is displayed on the screens.
    • Hub Central’s digital signage will support the University’s Brand and Visual Identity Policy.
    • Information provided will conform to the University’s IT Acceptable Use Policy.
    • The use and performance of the digital signage will be reviewed on a regular basis by student and staff representatives.

    Operational Guidelines

    1. The groups who may provide information for the digital screens include:
    • Student organisations or groups within the University
    • Student service areas
    • Learning support units
    • Faculties and Schools
    • Other University units
    1. Management of content

    The display of messages on the digital signage screens within Hub Central will be the responsibility of the Hub Manager. The Hub Manager will be responsible for editing text so that it reflects both an appropriate communication style for students and for the University.

    1. Management of format and layout

    The development of templates, layout and formats will be the responsibility of the Marketing and Strategic Communications team, to complement the information to be displayed.

    Brand guidelines can be found on the Brand website.

    1. Types of content

    The University’s IT Acceptable Use Policy excludes the use of offensive, obscene, profane or indecent images; material likely to cause annoyance, inconvenience or distress; discriminating or sexually harassing material or messages that create an intimidating or hostile environment; defamatory or misleading material; or material that infringes intellectual property rights.

    Content that is acceptable for display on the digital signage includes:

    a) Information dissemination, for example

    • Student services
    • Daily events at the University
    • Introduction to the Hub
    • Orientation
    • Key dates
    • Computer availability
    • FAQs from Hub Central’s FAQ database

    b) Promotional material and information, for example

    • Upcoming events and activities that include students and/or staff
    • Awards and achievements
    • Promotion of the University

    c) Revenue based advertising

    Promotion of external organisations will only occur where sponsorship agreements with the University have been negotiated. That is, access to the digital screens is via sponsorship of the University.

    d) Instant messages

    Alerts or important messages can interrupt the schedules messages. This may include:

    • Service outage updates
    • Emergencies
    • Other messages determined to be alerts by the Hub Manager

    e) Content from external websites

    Only internal websites will be used. Approval for the use of external media sources will be the responsibility of the Hub Manager.

    1. Content and location

    The location of the screens will determine which of the available digital messages are displayed on each screen.

    1. Interaction with other technologies

    The material developed for the digital signage may also be displayed on the Hub Central website.

    1. Review

    The Hub Manager is responsible for conducting a review of these guidelines in consultation with staff and student representatives by the end of 2024.