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The burnt toast theory

A square plate filled with pieces of bread

A piece of burnt toast might save your life. This is the burnt toast theory. 

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The people-pleasing predicament

The desire to be liked and accepted is a universal human trait.

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Thriving beyond exam

A man throwing the exam paper

My top tips for balance while at uni. 

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Preparing for Wayville

Person answering an exam paper.

A mini guide to sitting for the exams in Wayville.

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My summer bucket list

A collection of palm trees with a the sun and a blue sky in the background

Instead of studying for exams, I have been procrastinating by creating a Summer bucket list. And while I highly advise you to not procrastinate and do your homework, planning activities to do over Summer is a lot of fun.

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Summer internship, anyone?

The sun is out, the days are getting longer, and summer is almost here. It's prime time to start considering that much-desired summer internship.

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Garage Sale Trail

The Garage Sale Trail is a national event in Australia where communities come together to buy and sell pre-loved items.

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Re-focusing for when you get off track

a woman having a deep breath

A few to support you in staying on track

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My favourite cafes in rundle mall

A cup of coffee, magazine, bag, and plant pot placed neatly on a cafe table

Finding new cafes around University is one of my favourite hobbies. Studying or catching up with friends is always more fun at a cafe.

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Leveraging resources in the uni

university campus

The university experience is a treasure trove of resources waiting to be discovered. 

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