Finding comfort in fiction

A pile of old books with a teacup perched on top.

Image from Pixabay, accessed 3/04/2020. 

When things are hard, novels are not the first place I go. Usually I will seek easier distraction through social media, television and junk food. But novels should be my first port of call. 

Books are such a comfort when you are not feeling great about things happening in your own life. They feed the imagination, and allow you to escape and live life through the eyes of another for a while. Lately I've been feeling stressed and anxious about things. So I picked up a science fiction novel - Record of a Spaceborn Few by Becky Chambers. I became absorbed in the comforting story of people living a somewhat harmonious life on a spaceship after Earth has become uninhabitable. It was about friendship and communal living, and most importantly it took me far away from everything that I am worrying about in my everyday life. 

So where can we access books ?  

South Australian libraries are now open again, and if you can't get to a physical library you can still borrow e-books and audiobooks. And if you can afford it, most bookstores are still taking orders and doing delivery. Here are some South Australian independent bookstores who could probably use the support right now: 

Or another option is to set up a book swap with a friend!

I hope that you, like me, can find a happy escape in reading for a while. 

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