True love raises people

True love.

True love.

This month marks a painful, personal anniversary and as I look around, I see that something nearly invisible has changed the world. Self-isolating (or sheltering in place) has become an act of love as I see friends and family members missing each other. There is a real sense of fear (including my own for my vulnerable loved ones, as well as all the frontliners), but there is also overwhelming kindness, generosity, bravery, and love everywhere. True love is life-giving and enables the giver a genuinely meaningful life.

The past 12 months, as well as the global pandemic, have really reinforced the things that really matter or at least the things that I truly value. I value my PhD supervisors who have fully supported my research work and my role as a mother. I value my professional colleagues who have offered me all kinds of opportunities, especially to help me during challenging times. I value people and moments. I value meaningful comfort and safety. I value a small space that's made into a home by friends who filled it with love. I may have a few economic losses while I take maternity leave, but being there every single morning as my baby daughter wakes up is priceless. She will grow very quickly and I will be back to work full-time soon enough, but I will always have these special memories of the first few months of her life and I cannot put a price on that. 

True love raises people up. I am forever grateful to family and friends for these past 366 days. Thank you for loving me, thank you for rekindling me. There are those who've tried to convince me that I couldn't stand on my own. So, I thought about quitting but then I remembered who was watching me.

True love raises people.

PS I also now realize, I didn't have to stand alone. Those who truly love me have just always been there. And here at four months, my baby daughter thrives.

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