A walk in the rain or acceptance

The other day, a friend of mine suggested we go for an afternoon walk. I agreed, despite some ominously clouds amassing in the direction of the Adelaide Hills.

We got through probably 20 minutes of pleasant enough walking, chatting about our lives, the state of the world, our plans for the future and what we would have for dinner (the usual stuff), before it started drizzling. 

This was fine, we had prepared for this by wearing appropriate wet weather gear, to some extent. This continued for probably another ten minutes, as we walked down towards the Torrens. 

As we approached the river, it started pouring. Proper bucketing. We could hardly see ten metres in front of our faces it was raining so heavily. Having well passed uni and the various buildings scattered around near the zoo and botanic gardens, we were stranded.

Already drenched after only a minute or so, we resigned ourselves to the fact that we were soaked. Having done that, I actually felt quite liberated. No longer distracted by trying to avoid the uncomfortable feeling of getting wet, I could actually notice not only the company of my dear friend again, but the pleasant sensation of being a part of nature, even as it threw a tantrum down on us. 

Maybe there is a lesson in that: that if you let go and just accept things as they are, a lot of the pressure that seems to fill up our lives can just evaporate. Maybe. Or maybe you just end up cold, wet, and running for cover. 

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