Food during lockdown

Box of donuts

Box of donuts

Food during the pandemic has been a topic of much conversation.

I have seen more news articles, TV segments and blog posts (now this one included) about the way in which our relationship to food has changed as a result of working from home. Normally, I am skeptical of anything that so saturates public debate but in this instance, I am inclined to agree.

Generally speaking, I struggle somewhat with food. I am a bit chubby and always have been, but more important than that, I can recognise that I sometimes turn to food as an emotional comfort. I believe most of us do that at times but I have been coming to terms with the idea that I probably do it too much and that it underpins my struggles to feel truly great about myself physically.

I have actually found that lock-down has made that harder. This sounds a bit drastic but I do find it harder to avoid eating those 'sometimes' foods when I am at home with much less distraction. It can also be harder to structure your diet around regular meal times when days and times of the day just blend into each other. I try and eat small meals or snacks regularly so as not to overindulge at other times, but that can be easier said than done when there isn't much else going on for a particular day. 

My boyfriend and I have also tended to order A LOT more takeaway than we normally would, initially under the tongue in cheek guise of 'supporting local small businesses'. Now it is a habit, one that is probably bad for our health and certainly for our wallet. 

Yet, I have come to accept that the struggle with food is just a part of my life and while I will continue to strive to make better, healthier choices, you should never succumb to beating yourself up over something as basic and necessary as food. 

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