A new member of the family

It is my eldest brother and his partner's first child! A little baby boy weighing in at 3.5kg. The first photos show a little tubblet with some patchy, sparse blond hair. It is something that my brother and his partner have been looking forward to for a long time, and I think they will make great parents!

They live in Canberra which, due to Covid, makes a visit impossible at the moment. It is somewhat disheartening that myself and the rest of my family may have missed the birth due to Coronavirus but there’s still plenty of time to get acquainted and form some great memories.

Now that I have my nephew, it’s got me thinking about what kind of uncle I want to be? What name/title should I take? How will I act? What uncle role will my other brothers take? By the time the baby is twenty I will be forty. I could be the cool older uncle that can drop in and shower him in gifts and adventures or the advice uncle or maybe the uncle who teaches him lots of random fun skills (just as long as I’m not the drunk uncle).

The name is yet to be determined and his little personality is yet to truly emerge, but he already looks like my brother in my opinion. Little moments like this always bring a smile to my day and shake up the monotony of daily coronavirus life.  

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