My huggle

My boyfriend recently bought me a gift. I was home during the day when the package arrived, but seeing as it was addressed to him, I didn’t open it.

Upon his return from work, he was noticeably more excited than usual after having seen the package sitting on the dining room table. Urging me to open it, he bounced on his heels like a child on Christmas morning.

I opened the package to find a product helpfully labelled as a ‘Huggle’ (no free ads lol). An imitation of its better-known forebear the ‘Snuggie’, the Huggle is a fleece blanket that includes a head hole (and hood!), as well as two arms. In fact, unlike the Snuggie, the Huggle fits quite snuggly, more like a hoodie in soft fleece material than an oversized blanket.

I was, of course, thrilled. I had been complaining that I was cold in the mornings and found that wrapping myself in a fleece blanket wasn’t very practical when trying to make breakfast or coffee (my life is hard, I know.) Enter the Huggle.

I now bounce around the kitchen in the morning, comfortable beyond words in my fleece smock, with full dexterity and reach to navigate draws, cups, bowls and spoons. What could be better.

I love my Huggle. I have developed relatively strict rules about when I wear it and when I don’t. It is a strictly before bed and pre-morning shower outfit, for obvious reasons I don’t want to ruin its association with comfort and leisure by wearing it during the day. Sacrilege!

I have been known to make some exceptions, however. In fact, I’m wearing my Huggle right now writing this blog.

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