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Review: Tenet

After roughly a six-month hiatus, I finally got to go back to the cinema this week.

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Not all who loiter are lost

Scholarly bubble

A group of my friends at uni are in their last few months of their PhD. They are in the home stretch. I can’t help but wish I was in their place. I tell them this and the reaction I get are genuine looks of trepidation and anxiety. They tell me it feels like they’re so close to the finish line, but also feel so far away from it. 

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Summer is coming!

The first hints of the change in season got me thinking about what I am most looking forward to about the warmer weather.

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My huggle

My boyfriend recently bought me a gift.

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Chocolate bread pudding recipe

There's still a short bit of time until Spring comes along and since it's winter still, I feel like I can still justify a warm, indulgent dessert. Use leftover bread to whip up this sweet dessert and be ready to share. This recipe makes enough for eight people.

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