Summer is coming!

We are starting to feel the first hints of Spring. Yesterday, as I was getting dressed and heading off to work, I noticed the usual chill that accompanied my bike ride into the city wasn’t as acute as normal. At the end of the day, I noted, for the first time, despite it obviously having gradually happened every day since the winter solstice in June, that the evening was lighter for longer. It wasn’t yet properly dark when I got home a little after six.

The first hints of the change in season got me thinking about what I am most looking forward to about the warmer weather. Here’s my list:

  1. The Beach

As a kid, I didn’t love the beach for most of the usual reasons someone who doesn’t like it will give you now. I didn’t like feeling dirty from the sand, I was a bit afraid of the ocean depending on how deep you had to go to feel its cooling powers, and I was a bit self-conscious about getting my body out when going into the water. But at around about 19, I decided I was going to try and embrace these things that made me anxious about it, and turn the beach into a place of relaxation and refuge. Now, I itch with anticipation if I am not at the beach on a particularly sunny and warm day, and can’t wait for those long afternoon swims that turn into dinners on the grass at Henley or Glenelg.

  1. Dining Outdoors

While, under some circumstances this can be achieved during Winter, Summer is high-time for alfresco dining, and I can’t wait for it. An ice-cold drink on a warm Summer’s night, accompanied by good friends and with the knowledge that nothing can be too pressing the next day (it’s Summer after all!) is a feeling I am most excited for.

  1. Christmas

Though it might look a little different this year if border closures and limitation on gatherings continue, I always look forward to Christmas time. I love what some might call the Christmas industrial complex, particularly when it comes to Christmas culture like movies, music and TV. I also, of course, love spending time with my family and friends, something which hopefully should still be doable this year given they almost all live in South Australia.

  1. Wedding!

I am going to be the bride’s best man in my best childhood friend’s upcoming wedding, scheduled for the end of November, to be held in the Clare Valley! Although not without some trepidation given my immense responsibilities, I am excited to see my friend get married and thrilled that I get to play a role in her happiness. While not an every-Summer occurrence, I think the wedding will make this Summer even more memorable than the rest!

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