Eating well and savouring

Since I gave birth to my little one, I can’t recall having a meal I have savoured fully. I’ve had a few meals out with family and friends, mid-morning coffees with colleagues at work, and indulged in a couple of delicious take-away meals delivered to my door. I think eating well isn’t purely just about what you’re eating, but it’s also about the how.

Eating well can also be about having simple, but really wholesome and good quality food. Quality over quantity. Also, eating slowly and delicately means I am able to relish what I’m eating and allows my body time to recognise that I’m already full. Most of the time, I’m multitasking while eating so I become unaware of when I’m really full. Eating well can also mean eating mindfully and sharing. A meal can be really simple, but made to be really beautiful when shared with others. 

Here are a few easy things I can do for myself this week:

  • Savour a homemade and indulgent breakfast and coffee at home.
  • Take a real lunch break. If you can, eat outside to break it up again. 
  • Prepare healthy and easy snacks on the weekends or when you’re shopping. This way you are less tempted by quick sugary or salty food. It’s better for your mental concentration and energy levels. Maybe consider some of the following:
    • zucchini slice or muffin
    • banana muffins or bread
    • celery with nut butter
    • hummus with carrot or cucumber sticks (cut night before and leave sealed in container in fridge)
    • corn chips, unflavored
    • small bags of unflavored popcorn
    • roasted nuts
    • muesli bars
    • granola/muesli and yoghurt
    • cut up watermelon or rockmelon (keep in air-tight container in fridge)
    • small cans of tuna and crackers
    • olives in jar
    • papadams (microwaved not fried, much healthier!)
    • wheat biscuits and cheese and tomato slices
    • fresh fruit (i.e. apples, grapes)
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