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This is the way

The Mandalorian is a piece of cinematic brilliance. I should clarify that I’m not being sponsored by Disney to promote their seeming monopoly on the entertainment industry. It’s just a series that draws a lot of things I love together. A Star Wars series, where Taika Waititi is a director, based on an iconic character with amazing concept art. 

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Actions speak louder

Actions speak louder than words. That’s always been hard for me because I’m a very word focused person. 

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Back Home

When I was a kid, my family lived up in the Adelaide Hills. There’s a lot more trees and wildlife up there, a lot less concrete and housing. In most places you get a view of trees, or vineyards, or you can look down at the city on the plains. Living there had a big impact on my childhood, and features heavily in my memory. It's where I came from.

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A hobby or career?

A golden flower

I have recently been getting into photography and videography. But at what point do I decide to turn my hobby into a career or keep it as just that, a hobby?

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