Actions speak louder

Actions speak louder than words. That’s always been hard for me because I’m a very word focused person. 

I really like words. I feel like words are the most precise way to communicate. If I want to communicate that I want to go for a walk to the shops at 5pm, then the easiest way to do that is just to say it. It would be ridiculous to try and communicate that with actions.

Aren’t words actions? Why do words not seem to be enough to communicate some things. There’s situations where words just aren’t enough for people to believe someone, to connect, or to feel loved.

While words can be precise, they are also very easy. It’s harder to lie with actions. The reason is obviously that taking action is much more difficult. It requires planning, determination and organisation.

The difficulty for me has always been that words come easily to me. That’s just how I instinctively express what I’m feeling and my ideas. I think it’s still a really important part of communication. Actions on the other hand have historically been an immense difficulty, because I have had to fight against logistical ineptitude. 

I’ve realised that there are times where actions do speak louder than words. I do plan to continue to say how I feel with words, but sometimes I know that I need to actually demonstrate those words by doing something.

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