Reflections on blogging

Sadly, this marks my final blog post for the Wellbeing blog. It’s been a great two years of blogging, but with my PhD and other work commitments getting more serious, it’s time for me to step back.

I have, for the most part, enjoyed blogging. That is not to say it isn’t challenging. Coming up with three new pieces of content each week seems easy (and was!) at first, but after two years, it can prove quite a challenge!

I have tried to write to the brief – that being mental health and student life, while also expanding it where possible. I enjoy writing TV, movie or book reviews, and so have aimed to write at least one of those each week. Sometimes they stretched well beyond the allotted word count, and I am grateful for those who have run and managed the blog for indulging me in those.

My University experience has been somewhat rocky: as I have previously blogged about, I have struggled somewhat with my mental health at various times, and so have drawn enormous satisfaction and purpose in being able to put that experience to (hopefully!) some use via this blog.

I have also learnt the importance, and occasional pitfalls, of being vulnerable in writing. While our names are publicly known on the blog – for the most part – I am always aware that friends or family who I might mention may well read the blog. Finding the balance between candour and exploitation has been crucial, and I hope I have done an OK job of that.

In summary, I just wish all the bloggers continuing the very best, and thank the Adelaide Uni Wellbeing team for the opportunity to contribute.

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