Exercise: gym, walking & home workouts

Two runners running on rocky dirt track in forest.

Hill walking

I was recently gifted a Fitbit which I really appreciated because I owned one a couple of years ago.


I found it useful to track the sort of exercise I undertook during the week and my sleep habits! So, I am keen to go back to tracking as a gentle reminder for me to get more active and sleep earlier.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve not been as active as I usually am (thank you to being sick and exam season priorities)! Always prioritise getting better while recovering from a cold and don't put too much pressure on yourself to workout when you're feeling overwhelmed with exams! However, I love getting into a routine of being active and notice that I feel my best when I include some sort of workout on a day-to-day basis. I personally like to start my day off with exercise rather than finish my day off with exercise! It energises me and creates a mindset of productivity for the day. What about you?

Exercise doesn’t exactly have to be long or strenuous – having this perception can roadblock you from finding the motivation in the first place. If you set a target for a 10-minute walk/job around the block, you are still fulfilling the goal of movement and accelerated heart rate. My favourite type of exercise is going on a hike or walking trail particularly if accompanied by a friend. Time goes by so quickly (in comparison to a treadmill) and observing nature is so calming and nice!

Not everyone has a gym membership and I’ve found that you can just as easily train at home. I’d recommend investing in a yoga mat, dumbbells and a skipping rope! YouTube has an endless amount of home workouts too which cater for different types of exercise goals. If I’m not feeling motivated to leave the house, I like to put on a 10-minute quick workout and I feel a lot better afterwards!

Exercise can also come in the form of dancing so you can also put on a fun playlist and dance away! Have you attended a Zumba class before? You really do break a sweat! Dancing is a great way to incorporate cardio into a workout!

I can often be harsh on myself if I get into a good gym routine then suddenly stop going. It’s important to remind yourself that times get busy and if you only have time for a quick 10-minute walk or home workout, that’s still a worthy amount of activity. A nice walk along a park or a dance session is a perfect way to refresh your mind from study too.

This exam season, I’d recommend dedicating time (even if very short) to exercising (it could be a quick walk to a local park for fresh air) – you are likely to feel more refreshed and ready to study more!

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