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Lived Experience Telephone Support Service

LETSS Keep Connected!

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Eating out fancy

A man and woman wearing a suit and dress eating at a restaurant

For a sleepy town, Adelaide certainly has a bit of a food scene and I have some favourites when it comes to splashing out and celebrating a little.

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Free proof of COVID-19 vaccination

COVID vaccine certificate

Do you know how to obtain your free proof of your COVID-19 vaccination, and how to help family and friends get theirs?

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Meaningful holidays

Christmas tree decorations

Summer break is here and Christmas is just around the corner!

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A visit to the dog park

A labrador dog

I don't own a dog but that made a visit to the dog park all the more worth while. 

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Let’s talk: post-exam emptiness

tick box with 3 different emotions (happy, neutral, sad)

How are your emotions post-exams?

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Experiencing Wayville

Rows of tables and chairs in exam hall

This semester was the first time I’ve ever sat for my exams in Wayville.

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Review: Normal People

Trinity College Dublin

I had the urge to reread "Normal People" by Sally Rooney again. 

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Why is dating so hard?

couple sitting on a step laughing

I don't know whether it's because of covid or it's just me but dating is really hard. I'm in my 20s, I'm young, I’m fun, I’m busy, I've grown to love myself and be self-aware, I know how to look after myself and not put a relationship in front of everything else, I have a lot of free time, I know what I want, it should be easy right? Unfortunately no, its not.

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Tips for relaxing if u struggle

Do you sometimes struggle to relax? Read more to find about my thoughts and tips for winding down.

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