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Goodbyes and missing people

Airplanes window view of sky by Eva Darron

I always get a big dose of loneliness and sadness when my partner and I have to live in different places for a couple of months but here is how I get through the distance.

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Being a music video 'extra'

film camera

A last-minute opportunity came about which resulted in a paid gig as an extra for a music video. Continue reading for my reflections!

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First time surfing

Me, surfing.

I finally got to realise a life-long dream of mine!

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Phone call stress

A dial phone

Call me a millennial, a lazy youth of today or simply an awkward person but, I have never been very good at phone calls. For that reason, I can find them stressful.

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TalkCampus meditation

Women meditating in a chair

TalkCampus has guided meditations to help support your wellbeing.

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Lived Experience Telephone Support Service

LETSS Keep Connected!

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Eating out fancy

A man and woman wearing a suit and dress eating at a restaurant

For a sleepy town, Adelaide certainly has a bit of a food scene and I have some favourites when it comes to splashing out and celebrating a little.

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Free proof of COVID-19 vaccination

COVID vaccine certificate

Do you know how to obtain your free proof of your COVID-19 vaccination, and how to help family and friends get theirs?

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Meaningful holidays

Christmas tree decorations

Summer break is here and Christmas is just around the corner!

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A visit to the dog park

A labrador dog

I don't own a dog but that made a visit to the dog park all the more worth while. 

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