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Writer’s block

blogpic-pixabay-blank journal- pen

Sometimes what helps me get over writer’s block is writing in a different place.

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Reflecting on friendship

A pile of letters with black calligraphy writing.

It is important to tell your friends exactly what you love about them.

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Goodbye, Eddie

A person holding a lantern in a cave.

Understanding grief and denial through Eddie Munson's death.

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Letting it be

A white background with wooden scrabble letters spelling "let it go"

My propensity to control everything around me sometimes makes it difficult for me to live my life unhindered and to its fullest.

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Over the weekend, I tried to get a head start on my spring cleaning by starting in winter (maybe overcompensating  a bit) and found all of my old camping and backpacking gear.

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Standing up

Attendees of the Perth Pro-Choice march

My first weekend in Perth took a turn – for the better. 

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(Don't) wait for it

Young woman sitting pensively with her head resting on her hand

As much as I love Hamilton, I can't say Aaron Burr gives the best advice.

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Finding myself

Drawing line through a maze

To say that the past four years have been a foundational journey would be a gross understatement.

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Self-care bootcamp

It’s the middle of winter and if you’re an HDR student like me, it’s quite possible that you didn’t manage to take a proper uni break.

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First day of lecture

A lecture hall filled with students.

As we welcome a new semester and most excitingly, a new cohort of you guys from all over the globe, I thought I’d like to peek into my Pensieve and share with you all how my first ever lecture at uni went.

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