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Preparing to Go

  • Responsibilities

    The following are some important points you must take note of as part of your preparations to leave Australia.

    You should be clear about the differing responsibilities of Study Overseas, your home faculty, your host university, and yourself.

    • Study Overseas: Study Overseas facilitates your overseas experience. We organise experiences, and communicate with institutions overseas, up to the point that students are permitted to deal with them directly. After this point, students generally contact Study Overseas to request extensions to exchanges.
    • Your Faculty: Home faculties are the bodies awarding credit for their study overseas. As such, all academic enquiries (those about subjects being studied, unit values, questions about program details, etc) should be directed to the faculty awarding credit.
    • Your Host University: Your host university ultimately decides if you are accepted as an exchange student. Once you've been accepted and have travelled there, they will provide a range of services and support options. Once you are overseas, questions which relate to administrative and academic matters at your host institution should be directed to them.
    • You: The most important person in the process! You are responsible for any deadlines, making choices about courses during your time overseas, and organising visas. You're also in charge of seeking and staying in contact with your faculty, host institution, and Study Overseas if necessary, and responding to any enquiries that you might receive from these areas. Students are also responsible for ensuring they have spoken with interested family/friends about their experience. Study Overseas will not be able to disclose any of your information if these people contact our office. Useful information is available on our parent's page and in the Global Society's Parent Booklet (listed under Resources).

    Students on Study Overseas Experiences are still required to abide by the University of Adelaide Student Misconduct Policy, and there are serious implications for failure to abide by this policy. View the policy here.

  • Visas

    You are entirely responsible for finding out about visa requirements for the country that you intend to travel to. You're also responsible for making applications through the respective and varying processes of these countries. Study Overseas is prohibited from providing any advice about visa requirements or applications as it constitutes legal advice, which we are not qualified to give. For more information about visas and requirements for travel, see the embassy or consulate of the country you intend to study in.

    In addition, where applicable, students will need to be aware of visa implications for leaving and returning to Australia and any impact studying overseas may have on their post study visa requirements.

  • Booking Flights and Travel

    Study Overseas recommends that students do not book flights or travel overseas before they have received their official acceptance from their host university and credit approval. Whilst timeframes can be tight and it is tempting to book flights as early as possible, we do not recommend that you make travel arrangements in advance of receiving final confirmation of your acceptance from your host institution, and credit approval from your Faculty. Until you receive these confirmations, your acceptance and credit is not guaranteed, and you may find yourself out-of-pocket for any arrangements you have made.

  • Enrolment at Home

    You will need to enrol in ‘dummy' exchange courses (found under EXCHANGE in the University of Adelaide Course Planner) to the value of your approved study in the semester(s) in which you will be overseas. This is to ensure you accrue the correct amount of HECS (or tuition fees). You should not enrol in any on-campus Adelaide courses. Your enrolment will also need to correspond with the School / Faculty from which you are receiving credit. Your faculty advisor will be able to confirm appropriate enrolment requirements.

    Students must be enrolled at the University of Adelaide and approved to receive a minimum of 9 units credit, per semester, towards their University of Adelaide degree. However, students should be prepared to enrol into and negotiate credit for the equivalent of 12 units if required by their University of Adelaide faculty or their host university. International students at the University of Adelaide should consult International Student Support before enrolling in less than 12 units at the University of Adelaide.

    Any specific questions regarding enrolment at the University of Adelaide whilst on exchange should be directed to your faculty advisors.

  • Flexibility

    Whilst you may have received faculty approval for a selection of subjects before you leave, there are some instances where a course is cancelled or restricted by your host university. This may happen just before you leave, or even after you arrive. Accordingly, it is important that you are ready to change your course selection and maintain flexibility with your expectations of what you may actually end up studying overseas.

    If this situation arises, it is important to consult with both your host university about what is available, and your home faculty about what they will award credit for.

  • Centrelink Payments

    If you are receiving Centrelink payments it is your responsibility to check how this overseas travel might affect those payments. You should not assume that your payments will continue. Please see the Department of Human Services website for tailored information about how travelling outside of Australia may affect you. If you have any questions please check with Centrelink directly.

    The following resources may also assist:

    It is recommended that you scan all of the documents above and provide them to Centrelink in one PDF document.

    As per the Department of Human Services Austudy While Travelling Overseas website, you must remain enrolled with your Australian educational institution to continue receiving payment while studying or working outside Australia for the duration of your approved overseas course. You should note that enrolment at Adelaide in Semester 1 and 2 does not mean that you are enrolled at the University of Adelaide in periods outside of this and that if your program is occurring outside of semester dates, you are not considered enrolled. Enrolment for a specific period needs to be reflected on your University of Adelaide transcript.

    Please note: Study Overseas has no affiliation with Centrelink and are unable to advise on Centrelink matters. Students may also seek advice regarding student payments from Student Care. Whilst Student Care can provide information they are not authorised to confirm your study arrangements to Centrelink.

Before departing for exchange, students are required to attend a pre-departure session that will be held by Study Overseas. This is your opportunity to ask detailed questions of Study Overseas staff, meet other students going on exchange, and gain a clearer understanding of what you need to do to be fully prepared for your exchange.

Sessions are usually held approximately one month before the end of each semester.

Students will be provided with a pre-departure guide and recording of the information session before they depart.

Private Health and Travel Insurance

Due to the high cost of health care in most countries of the world, it is essential that some form of health insurance covers you while you are away. Your host university may have specific requirements relating to health insurance. Your acceptance package should outline these requirements.

The University of Adelaide offers comprehensive travel insurance coverage which often meets host institutions' insurance requirements. Some students still choose to purchase their own insurance, but please note that purchasing additional insurance may impact your free comprehensive travel insurance provided by the University of Adelaide.

In some cases, students will be required to purchase specific health insurance as directed by their host institution. Before purchasing any additional insurance, students are encouraged to present their host institution with information about the University of Adelaide policy to see if this will meet their requirements. If the host institution does not accept the University of Adelaide policy as equivalent, students will be required to purchase additional cover.

In any case where a student is considering purchasing additional cover, they are encouraged to contact the University's Legal and Risk Branch for advice regarding any impact their purchase may have on the existing policy, or for assistance with proof of cover requests for partner institutions.

University of Adelaide Travel Insurance

The University of Adelaide covers, free of charge, all students and staff travelling overseas on 'University business'. This includes students participating in any credit-bearing or otherwise faculty endorsed study abroad or exchange programs, including short-term and internships. There are, however, conditions of which you should be aware:

  • The period of overseas travel for undergraduate/honours students cannot exceed 180 days – this means that students studying overseas for two semesters will need to purchase additional top-up cover under this policy to cover their whole study period. Postgraduate students should refer to the Legal & Risk website.
  • Cover will only be provided while you are studying or interning at the host institution. Non-study travel will be covered for a maximum of four weeks, or 50% of the length of the program, whichever is less. Should you be planning to travel before and after your program, you may need to top-up your insurance at additional personal cost, which you must do prior to departure. Top-up purchase instructions can be found in the Insurance Guide.
  • Age limits apply and students with pre-existing conditions will need certification from their doctor to be covered by this insurance. Consult the Insurance Guide for details or contact Legal and Risk for advice.
  • Purchasing additional cover for any part of your trip may forfeit your cover under this policy. You should contact Legal and Risk for advice regarding any additional insurance. Sometimes students are required to take out local health insurance in addition to their University of Adelaide travel insurance. You may be able to have this additional insurance waived with the assistance of the Legal and Risk Branch.
  • If you are travelling to a country where the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade has indicated a safety level of 3 - "Reconsider your need to travel" - or higher, you will need to obtain special permission from your faculty to travel to that destination. Please contact your Faculty for more information.

Download the Insurance Guide from the Legal and Risk Insurance webpage, or contact the Legal and Risk Branch:

NB: Students who are travelling on a New Colombo Plan Scholarship program (not to be confused with New Colombo Plan short-term mobility grants) should note that they are covered by a separate New Colombo Plan insurance policy, the details of which can be found on the New Colombo Plan website.

Making a Claim

For students travelling on the new AIG Insurance policy, there is an online self-service claims process outlined in the Insurance Guide on the Legal and Risk website. You should collate the necessary documents and follow this claims process. Note that you will need to demonstrate that you are on University approved travel.

Students travelling under the previous policy should refer to the previous Insurance Guide on the Legal and Risk website.

Your Safety While Overseas

Apart from making sure you have appropriate travel insurance cover, there are several other things you are responsible for doing in order to maximise your safety while overseas.

  • Keep local emergency phone numbers with you at all times

    Often the best source of support is the local services in your country. You can find the emergency numbers for your host country on this interactive map of emergency telephone numbers around the world.

    Write down your local emergency phone numbers and keep them with you at all times. We also recommend keeping your travel risk management provider and travel insurance provider details on hand.

  • Know what to do in case of an emergency

    What you do in an emergency will depend on the nature of your situation, but here are some general steps to keep in mind.

    1. Move to a safe location
    2. Contact the local number for emergency response
    3. Respond to instructions by authorities, your host university, and the Australian Embassy or Consulate
    4. Contact your risk management provider and/or insurer
    5. Communicate with your family, The University of Adelaide Legal and Risk branch (, and your Faculty.

    If you are covered under the University of Adelaide Travel Insurance Policy, your risk management provider is:

    AIG Travel Guard
    Phone; +60 3 2772 5642 (you can call reverse charge)
    Please refer to the University of Adelaide Travel Insurance Guide for your policy number. 

    If you are not covered by the University of Adelaide Travel Insurance Policy, contact the insurer under which you are covered.

  • Register your travel details with AIG Travel

    The University of Adelaide is currently transitioning to AIG Travel as the provider for student travel location monitoring services. Students currently registered through MyTrips will be transitioned to the new service, and students in GLAS who meet eligibility criteria for the service will also be registered.

    AIG Travel is the University of Adelaide register for overseas travel which enables the University of Adelaide to locate and contact you in an emergency. As part of a broader AIG subscription this service also offers students medical, safety, and security advice, referrals, and support when travelling or living abroad.

    Every University of Adelaide student has an AIG Travel membership created when they reach an eligible stage in their GLAS application or registration. Instructions for accessing AIG Travel services are emailed to you when you are registered, as described in your GLAS application.

    All students should register all of their travel details, including flights and accommodation, with AIG Travel. You are provided with instructions for registering these details with AIG Travel in your welcome email.

    Once registered, AIG Travel will send you a Pre-Trip Advisory for the country/ies that you are visiting several weeks prior to your departure. The advisories include important health & safety information. You will also be subscribed for email alerts from NC4 regarding extreme and severe incidents in proximity to your registered locations.

    We also recommend that you download the AIG Travel Assistance app, details of which will be provided in your welcome email.

  • Register on Smartraveller

    Smartraveller is the Australian Government register for overseas travel, which enables the Government to locate and contact you in an emergency.

    All students should register all of their intended overseas travel with the Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Smartraveller website before you leave Australia.

    If you are travelling to a country with a safety level of 3 - "Reconsider your need to travel" - or higher, you will need to obtain special permission from your faculty to travel to that destination. Please contact your Faculty for more information.

    It is also highly recommended that all students subscribe to DFAT's travel advisory service in addition to registering their travel. You will only receive updated travel advisories for your destination(s) if you subscribe. You can set up your preferred subscriptions to specific countries and bulletins within your Smartraveller profile, once registered.

  • Know how to access information and support

    The best way to manage your safety is to learn how to avoid dangerous situations and to get help as soon as you’re concerned about your safety.

    • Read the health and safety advice for your destination provided by AIG Travel in pre-trip advisory emails; or look up your destination on the Australian Government Smartraveller website.
    • Research your host institution or provider to find out what support services they offer.
    • At any point in your exchange experience you can always reach out to the University of Adelaide for support - whether from Study Overseas or other ancillary services such as the Student Life Counselling Service and Disability Service. If you would like to know more about how we can help you, please contact

The Global Society

Studying overseas is a transformative experience and as a member of The Global Society you can strengthen your overseas study experience by being part of a connected community.

Your Global Society Membership

Full membership to The Global Society is automatically granted to all University of Adelaide exchange students after you have been accepted into our exchange program by Study Overseas. If you have been accepted to study on exchange, simply send an email to to get started, including your name and “UOA”.

Your benefits as a Global Society Member includes access to resources on flights, student identity cards, international travel sims and other travel needs. Perhaps most importantly, you will gain access to 5,000+ Australians to gain advice and ask questions related to exchange!

To find out more about your benefits, click here.

What is The Global Society?

The Global Society is a membership based organisation for globally-minded Australian university students like you. Members are comprised of students who are about to depart on an overseas study experience, students who are currently studying overseas and students and professionals who have returned from overseas study.

You can connect with other students around Australia through:

Access all the benefits of being a Global Society member through the member login. Don’t forget to check out the The Global Society Resource Library for member exclusive booklets, flyers and helpful guides designed specifically for you.

If you are not yet accepted to study overseas you can still join nationwide discussions about exchange. The Global Society Community (a comprehensive study overseas forum), is free to access for all students with an active University of Adelaide email! Click here to start using the forum today.

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