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Dr Phiala Shanahan

Phiala Shanahan

South Australia Woman of the Year 2023 winner and recipient of the James McWha Rising Star Award 2022, Professor Phiala Shanahan has made a significant contribution to physics, as the youngest Professor of Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) at the age of 27. She has become a leader in theoretical physics and is a passionate educator.

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Dr Mercy Mwangangi

Recipient of the Distinguished International Alumni Award 2022, Dr Mercy Mwangangi is a medical practitioner, health economist and policy analyst who fundamentally believes in the crucial role public health plays in Kenya’s economic and social development. Dr Mwangani is the Chief Administrative Secretary of Kenya’s Ministry for Health and became the face of the nation’s COVID-19 pandemic response at just 32 years old.

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Professor John McNeil AO

Professor John McNeil AO

Recipient of Distinguished Alumni Award 2022, Professor John McNeil AO is a tenured public health researcher specialising in epidemiology and clinical pharmacology. His contributions to medical research have changed how we think about chronic disease, preventative health and healthcare quality.

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Professor Nicola Spurrier PSM

Professor Nicola Spurrier PSM

Recipient of Distinguished Alumni Award 2022, Professor Nicola Spurrier PSM, is a staunch advocate for preventing illness and promoting health across the whole of community. A dual qualified medical specialist, public health physician and paediatrician, Professor Spurrier was instrumental in South Australia’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic as the state’s Chief Public Health Officer.

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Dr Angela Alder-Price

Dr Angela Alder-Price

Recipient of the James McWha Rising Star Award 2022, Dr Angela Alder-Price is an orthopaedic researcher, senior lecturer and the only female upper-limb surgeon in South Australia. Her dual pursuit of surgery and science is driven by a passion for improving patient outcomes.

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Tiahni Adamson

Tiahni Adamson

Recipient of the Tirkapena Indigenous Award 2022, Tiahni Adamson, a Torres Strait Islander woman descended from the Kauareg Nations of Thursday Island, is a passionate wildlife conservation biologist. Ms Adamson is focused on sustainable aquaculture production as the Lead Community Engagement Officer at CH4Global.

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