CET research update from Dr Zhiwei Sun

Dr Zhiwei Sun was invited to give a presentation, entitled ‘Laser diagnostics for solar thermal energy utilisation and heavy industry decarbonisation’ at the first International Workshop on Laser Diagnostics and its Application for Renewable Energy and Climate, held by the PTB, Germany National Metrology Institute, March 8 – 9, 2022. The workshop focused on the application of laser-based diagnostics in the renewable energy sector and provided a platform for participants working on optical sensors and energy technology to share their expertise in respective forums.

In the 45-minute presentation, Dr Sun introduced the research activities of the Centre for Energy Technology (CET) in the past 3 years, by focusing on the new optical and laser-based techniques developed for in-situ measurements in solar-irradiated particle flows, highly loading particle flows and on industrial-scale reactors. These research activities were conducted together with CET postgraduates, Elliott Lewis, Shipu Han, Xiaopeng ‘Gavin’ Bi, and research members, Timothy Lau, Zeyad Alwahabi and Gus Nathan, all listed as the contributors of the presentation.

As one of fourteen invited presentations, the talk introducing the HILT CRC has attracted the attention of optical scientists, particularly colleagues from Germany, to heavy industry decarbonisation, which also reflects the leading role of CET in this research area.

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