Barr Smith Library Development Plan

Female student sits behind a laptop in the Library.

The Barr Smith Library Development Plan was established to support the core needs of students and researchers, enabling them to make ground-breaking contributions to local, national and international communities.

Contributing to the Endowment allows the Library to amplify the valuable resources that it provides to the community.

The library was my place to seek, explore, reinforce, discover and learn. Being surrounded by the collective wisdom and knowledge of others was inspiring and motivating…Louisa Rose, Head Winemaker at Yalumba, Alumni

The Development Plan highlights two areas of significance that are supported through the Endowment Fund: subscriptions to journals and research findings, and the procurement of works of great importance. In addition, a list of valuable assets has been identified that will directly benefit current teaching and research ideas across a range of disciplines. Please expand details below for further information. 

  • Journal and database subscriptions

    Students study in the Barr Smith Library.

    Subscriptions to journals, data and research findings ensure that our researchers are equipped to make ground-breaking contributions to their fields, whilst students have the resources needed to make the most of their world-class education. Continuous procurement of diverse material is essential if the University Library is to sustain and enhance its great benefit to the community and beyond.

    The acquisition of digital resources in particular will position the Library well for future development and improve its reputation and position among the great University research libraries, both nationally and internationally.

    Details can be reviewed in the Development Plan and in the list of valuable assets.

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  • Important works

    Barr Smith Library reading room.

    Providing finance for ongoing projects as needed, the Endowment Fund will ensure the Library can invest in enhancing special collections. Library collections underpin the learning and research infrastructure of the University, with historic documents and works of great importance improving the quality and depth of the Library as a whole.

    Details can be reviewed in the Development Plan.

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For a discussion about how you can support the Barr Smith Library Endowment Fund, please contact our Development Team on +61 8 8313 5800 or