Barr Smith Library Appeal

When you donate to the Barr Smith Library Appeal, you are directly supporting our students and researchers. 

The Barr Smith Library is more than just a place to study – for almost 130 years it has been a place where students and researchers alike have found support and space for quiet reflection, while still being at the very heart of our North Terrace Campus.

When you give to the Barr Smith Library appeal, you are preserving those experiences for generations of students to come.

Fund critical library resources

This year, we are asking you to contribute to a new era of medical education for the next generation of doctors studying at the University of Adelaide, through the purchase of AMBOSS.

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2020 BSL Appeal

Currently, the University does not have access to such an extensive or advanced resource for our Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) students and lecturers, meaning many are missing out on valuable material that will enhance their learning and career.

This new resource will enhance the already impressive range of digital material the library offers students and staff and will alleviate pressures on our MBBS students, many of whom have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 situation.

The opportunity to enrich our medical students’ education, through the acquisition of AMBOSS, has been heavily endorsed by our MBBS students.

“Having used trial versions of it myself in the past, the platform is incredible, but I have never had the money ($550 per student, each year) to purchase a full subscription.” Patrick, fourth year MBBS student
2020 BSL Appeal

AMBOSS, an online medical learning platform, is an invaluable tool created by physicians and clinicians who believe there is a smarter way to study and practice medicine. The platform will support our students and lecturers through extensive multimedia content including how-to videos, illustrations, quizzes, customisable sessions, more than 200,000 cross references and more.

Also included is an interactive library and comprehensive question bank, directly supporting our students to study for their practical examinations. Regularly updated with new questions and study sessions, the question bank includes more than 4,700 clinical case based multiple choice questions and study sessions by subject, organ system, or symptom. 

Furthermore, being an online resource using adaptive technologies, and managed by a team of physicians, our students are always accessing the most accurate and current medical information. 

The impact of digital collections

With more than 2.5 million scholarly resources – including books, cds, digitised content and 1.2 million electronic resources – the library, through the acquisition of key collections, is committed to supporting its community of more than 21,000 learners and maintaining our position as South Australia’s premier research-intensive University. 

The Barr Smith Library has always held a special place in our history. It supports our researchers and contributes to our position as South Australia's premier research-intensive University. It supports our students across the full breadth of the University, from undergraduate to postgraduate studies.

The needs of students at the University of Adelaide today are radically different from students who arrived 10 or 20 years ago. Across our almost 150 year history, we have consistently delivered the most prestigious tertiary education in the State and take pride in shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

We are committed to fostering excellence, which means adapting our teaching and learning resources to meet these evolving needs. The nature of study and research today demands a strong digital focus and it is our job to deliver this.

For a discussion about how you can support the Barr Smith Library Appeal, please get in touch with our Development team on +61 8 8313 5800 or