Highest Priorities

Giving to an appeal means directly supporting students and researchers at the University.

Support students in crisis

Unexpected events that cause significant financial difficulty, such as personal hardship (e.g. illness or injury), a major life event (e.g. death of a loved one or loss of employment), or unprecedented emergency disaster (e.g. bushfires, droughts and global pandemics) are experienced by many of our students. 

Your gift to the Student Emergency Fund will provide an immediate financial safety net for our students when they need it most. 

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Support student scholarships

Created to support high-performing students who are facing financial hardship, these scholarships are one of the most influential ways you can support our students.

"I'm so grateful to all Augustus Short Scholarship donors, not just for the support I personally received, and the unbelievable career and life that it has supported in the last decade, but for all students whose lives and careers have been transformed as a result of the scholarship program." – Dr Kathryn Grocke, 2010 Augustus Short Scholarship recipient.

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Fund critical library resources

The Barr Smith Library is more than just a place to study – for almost 130 years it has been a place where students and researchers alike have found support and space for quiet reflection, while still being at the very heart of our North Terrace Campus. When you give to the Barr Smith Library appeal, you are preserving those experiences for generations of students to come.

This year, your support for the Barr Smith Library Appeal will contribute to a new era of medical education for the next generation of doctors studying at the University of Adelaide, through the purchase of AMBOSS.

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