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The Robinson Research Institute Endowment Fund was established to support advances in knowledge of human reproduction, pregnancy and child health, and to inform clinical care, policy, and practice that will improve health across generations and global communities.

Contributing to the Endowment is an investment in the Robinson Research Institute's vision, to achieve life-time health for all children and families, through research excellence.

By focusing our united research efforts, the Robinson Research Institute strives to understand how we can best protect current and future generations from disease, and to develop early interventions to ensure all children have the best start to life.

The Development Plan highlights three areas of significance that are supported through the Endowment Fund: Research Projects and Programs, Career Development, and Research Collaboration and Translation. Please expand details below for further information.

  • Research projects and programs

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    The Research Projects and Programs Fund will enable the Institute to invest in fundamental research projects that provide insight and advanced solutions for major health conditions ranging from infertility, preterm birth and preeclampsia, through to debilitating childhood conditions including cystic fibrosis, diabetes, asthma, and infectious disease.

    Details can be reviewed in the Development Plan.

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  • Career development

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    The Robinson Research Institute facilitates the development of the next generation of research leaders including PhD students, early career and mid-career researchers. This fund will provide a guaranteed source of funding to support the Institute in attracting and retaining quality researchers at all career stages, allowing them to focus on tackling important research questions.

    Details can be reviewed in the Development Plan.

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  • Research collaboration and translation

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    The Institute generates new discoveries that improve reproductive health in parents and tackles life-long health in children. This fund will support the Institute to implement a range of programs which build engagement and significantly improve the relevance of research projects and careers for key stakeholders and the broader community. 

    Details can be reviewed in the Development Plan.

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For a discussion about how you can support a specific area of the Robinson Research Institute Development Plan, please contact our Development Team on +61 8 8313 5800 or