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Financial hardship can be a significant barrier for students wishing to attend university.

In 2014, Maria Blackmore received an Augustus Short Scholarship to study a Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary) with Bachelor of Arts. Seven years later, Maria is giving back to her community as a teacher and Elected Council Member. Maria is testament to the transformative impact that scholarships can have on students, and the positive influence scholarships have on the wider community.

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The life-changing impact of scholarships is only possible with the generous support of donors. Your gift to Augustus Short Scholarships is a vote of confidence in the next generation of teachers, doctors, community leaders and more. Thank you for believing in our potential.” 

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Scholarships can change the course of a life. They help disadvantaged students to attend university, empowering them to shape their own future.Maria Blackmore, City of Salisbury Councillor

“I had a difficult start to life, and a university education was a goal that seemed out of reach. Throughout childhood, because of family issues, I accompanied my biological parents in and out of courtrooms. I spent much of my youth in foster care. Despite life’s challenges, my teachers always saw my strengths. Regardless of what happened at home, I knew that school was a safe place. As I considered the path I wanted to take after school, I thought of the teachers who had influenced my life and dreamt of graduating from the University of Adelaide with a teaching degree."

When I was offered a place at the University of Adelaide I was thrilled, but conscious of expenses. Living costs, textbooks and transport were all financial barriers. When I received the Augustus Short Scholarship I realised I wouldn’t have to go without all of the things that form a part of the university experience. The scholarship allowed me to be more selective of the type of jobs I undertook while studying. When I had the opportunity to tutor part-time at Salisbury High School, I jumped at the chance as it was in the field in which I wanted a career in. When volunteering or representative opportunities arose, like Youth Parliament, I was able to say “yes” to those roles because I had the time.

Maria Blackmore reading to students
"The joy I felt when I received the Augustus Short Scholarship was immense. I was the first person in my family to attend university. The scholarship was a wonderful sign that people in the community believed in me."Maria Blackmore

"I now teach English, Humanities and Mathematics at Salisbury High School, the same school where I graduated Year 12 and later tutored students. In addition to my teaching role, I am also grateful to have been elected to the Salisbury Council in 2018. As one of the youngest members of the Council I bring a fresh perspective. Among many achievements, I'm proud of implementing programs that promote youth entrepreneurship and lower barriers to employment, securing state funding for local projects, and promoting sustainability. 

Every day through my work, I see young people who would benefit greatly from a scholarship’s ‘helping hand.’ I know how impactful scholarships can be, so I encourage disadvantaged students to apply when they start university to give them the best chance at success. I truly hope that students with a thirst for learning and discovery continue to receive life-changing support, enabling them to pursue their dreams."

Dr Augustus Short founded the University of Adelaide, and believed that no student should be prevented from pursuing a higher education because of financial hardship.

We know that some of Australia’s highest-achieving students run the risk of never attending university because they live in rural areas and are facing financial barriers. Augustus Short Scholarships offer these students meaningful financial support throughout their undergraduate degree, removing barriers to their participation in higher education.

In naming this scholarship fund, we acknowledge the profound impact Dr Augustus Short had on the University.

“No one should miss out on a tertiary education because of financial or geographical barriers. The Augustus Short Scholarship offers disadvantaged students the chance to shape their own future; please consider helping them to pursue their dreams by making a gift to Augustus Short Scholarships.”Maria Blackmore, Salisbury's Councillor for East Ward

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Inspired to teach

Despite a difficult childhood, Maria finished Dux of her school in 2013. Inspired by the positive impact her teachers had on her life and studies, she pursued a career in teaching, receiving an Augustus Short Scholarship in 2014. Today, Maria is an English and Humanities teacher at her old high school and a Council member for the City of Salisbury.

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A world of discovery

Driven by a wonder about how the universe works and how it evolves over time, Kendall, an Augustus Short Scholarship recipient, will graduate in 2022 with a Master in Philosophy (Physics & Astronomy).   

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Saving lives on a daily basis

Dr Christina Theodore (MBBS) is a frontline healthcare worker, University of Adelaide graduate and former recipient of a life-changing gift, the Augustus Short Scholarship.

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In 2021, there were 73 Augustus Short Scholarship applications, but only three could be awarded. 
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