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Holly Baldock, Augustus Short Scholarship

Holly at home in regional SA with her family horse

For Holly Baldock, 2020 Augustus Short Scholarship recipient, being a scientist was always on her “to-be” list. 

Attending a small regional primary school where science wasn’t a major focus, Holly recalls how she was always interested in science as a child, and how her parents nurtured those interests. “One year I got a planetarium as a gift, which was an interactive board full of facts about space that I memorised, and a box of child-friendly encyclopedias,” Holly said.   

Holly had been keen to go to university since halfway through high school and was counting down the years until she could go. However, after high school, she could not afford to move away from her family home in country South Australia and had to work a gap year to save up.  

“I struggled more than expected without the academic stimulation of school and my mental health was suffering. So, I decided to accept my early offer for university and began looking around for potential scholarships to apply for in between working.”  

I was so excited when I received the Augustus Short Scholarship. It felt like a weight had been lifted, as I had committed to my pursuing my studies, but I was unsure of how I’d cover the costs of continuing to live away from home after my first year.Holly

“With this scholarship, I could also afford to stay in Adelaide for the full year and undertake a summer research position and internship at the end of my first and second years of university, which were pivotal for networking and further discovering my interests,” Holly said. 

Career highlights

I was often told that university would be hard, so finishing my first year at the University of Adelaide with a perfect GPA was a wonderful surprise!Holly

“Not being stressed about my finances during my undergraduate enabled me to concentrate on my study and was essential to me achieving the grades required for Masters in Philosophy (Physical Chemistry) which was very competitive,” Holly said. 

Life after university

Holly finished her undergraduate degree in 2022 and began her Masters in 2023.  

“I care about the environment, and I used to feel hopeless and angry that I wasn’t in a position where I felt that I could help enough. As part of my Masters I am so happy to now be working on a project related to osmotic power and contributing to society in relation to the issues I care about,’ she said. 

A message for our donor community

“I am so grateful for your support. I wouldn’t be where I am now without the Augustus Short scholarship which allowed me to focus on my studies. I am struggling to put the full level of gratitude into words, so thank you again!”.

Once I am set in a stable career, I intend to donate to this specific scholarship in the future. I would like to both support the cause initiated by the university and contribute to aiding a student in similar shoes to mine.Holly
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