Ambitious geologist maximises opportunities

Georgie, 2020 Augustus Short Scholarship recipient

Georgie is a Bachelor of Science (Advanced) third-year student and 2020 Augustus Short Scholarship recipient who credits her mother’s strong work ethic for motivating her to pursue her studies and reach her full potential.

“In 2016 while I was in Year 9, I fled a volatile home situation with my Mum and we became homeless overnight.

“For the first few months, we couch-surfed at friends’ places before Mum found a small unit for us. Mum went without a lot of things for several years just so she could pay my school fees and I could focus on my studies.”

Georgie, 2020 Augustus Short Scholarship recipient

Georgie at the Mount Isa Mines during her placement

An ambitious future geologist, Georgie found that the Augustus Short scholarship combined with part-time work during the summer break allowed her to focus 100% on her studies during the university year, without the pressure to undertake extra shifts.

In November 2021, Georgie undertook a three-month placement as a mine geologist in North-West Queensland.

“Gaining work experience with a globally renowned mining company while being just two years into my degree was monumental for me,” Georgie said.

Recently, Georgie was thrilled to learn she has been accepted into a two-year graduate program with the same company.

I was absolutely ecstatic to receive this amazing news. I am convinced that I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without the help of the scholarship,Georgie
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