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Peter Routely

Peter H Routley

With a passion for agricultural science and education, Holly Crighton is one step closer to realising her dream of becoming an agriculture specialist in regional and rural schools after she received assistance from the Peter H Routley Awards.

The Peter H Routley Awards are presented to students who have exceeded graduate standards in their practicum placements, and have presented strong statements in support of working in country schools where the focus is on community. Holly credits her placements as providing her with a true sense on the interconnectedness and the value of community in rural schools. Recognising the important role agriculture plays in our lives, Holly is passionate about implementing innovative strategies to engage both students and the school community in agriculture.

“I strongly believe that agriculture of any form should be taught in all schools across Australia. With the world population set to be over 9 billion by 2050 and with starvation and undernourishment still prevalent in third world countries, the agricultural industry will be ever increasing in demands” says Holly.

Holly’s goal as an agricultural science teacher is to increase class numbers in agricultural science programs and help students discover that a career in agriculture does not simply mean working on a farm, it can translate to a career in research, humanitarian aid, and even journalism to name but a few.

“I hope to really enthuse and educate people, students, teachers and the school community about the huge benefits of running agriculture programs in schools.”

Peter Routley graduated from the University of Adelaide with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1959 and a Diploma in Primary Education in 1960. He realised his passion for education early in life, becoming a headmaster at the age of 28.

He embarked on an international careerin education and non-government organisations in countries including England, Papua New Guinea, Nigeria, Laos, Mali, Cambodia and Thailand before reconnecting with the University as the Chairman of the Hughes Bequest Society and later establishing the Peter Routley Awards in Education.

When asked why he established the Peter H Routely Awards, Peter replied, “Teachers give so much to the community; they inspire hope and ignite imagination. I established this fund to encourage students to undertake a career in education and to support them in their endeavours.”

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