A lasting legacy: scholarships to support public health research

Ian Wilson Liberal research scholarship recipients with Mary Wilson, from left: Julie Morgan, Kaitlin Harkess and Ashlee Borgkvist

Ian Wilson Liberal Research Scholarship recipients with Mary Wilson, from left: Julie Morgan, Kaitlin Harkess and Ashlee Borgkvist

For PhD student Julie Morgan, the support of the Ian Wilson Liberal Research Scholarship is more than just financial – it’s a source of contemplation and energy.

“It has contributed to me trusting my intellect more and I am deeply grateful for that,” says Julie, who is completing her PhD in medicine this year.

“I have come to understand what it means to give, and how that giving can evolve in others and over time. It is my absolute pleasure to have had these experiences, and to have grown as a person in ways far beyond how I could have anticipated.”

Being awarded the scholarship allowed Julie more time to spend on research, which she says has potentially far-reaching effects on the role physiotherapists can play in treating neuropsychiatric conditions.

“I have been really touched by what I have received from this scholarship and I have come to understand that what I conceive of can have value and positive impacts,” she says.

Three other recipients of the Ian Wilsons scholarship, PhD students Ashlee Borgkvist, Kaitlin Harkess and Jana Sisnowski have also benefited enormously from the support.

Kaitlin is completing a PhD/Masters program in Psychology and says that the scholarship has allowed her to dedicate her spare time to research, rather than having to take on further paid work.

“I have been able to maintain a more balanced life and produce better quality research as well as develop more refined psychotherapeutic skills when providing therapy. This impacts both my own capacities and sense of self, but more broadly it allows me to provide a richer service to our community,” says Kaitlin.

Ashlee and Jana echo these sentiments – both grateful for the ability to devote themselves to their studies without worrying about their financial situations.

Ian Wilson Mary Wilson Liberal Research Scholarship Donor Bequestor Bequest

Ian Wilson and Mary Wilson

The late Ian Wilson loved his years at the University of Adelaide, and during his life he spoke admiringly of the inspirational lecturers and tutors that helped stimulate his interest in his subjects. Ian served as a Federal Minister of Parliament for 27 years and was Chair and member of many community organisations.

“Ian valued opportunities for education and he wanted to give back to the society which he felt had given him so much,” says his wife Mary.

It is fitting then that his legacy, through the Ian Wilson Liberal Research Scholarship, is supporting students to undertake research in the field of public health for the wellbeing of individuals and society.

Mary takes great delight in having met and learnt of the successes of the students supported by the scholarship. “It is very refreshing to experience their enthusiasm and commitment to further their studies; their thoughtful openness and the interdisciplinary approach in the area of public health,” she says.

“Ian would have been delighted with the selection of these outstanding, idealistic students who want to make a difference and contribute to society.”

“I think you go on learning until the day you die – the more you give out, the more you receive.”

For more information on creating a legacy and leaving a gift to the University in your Will, please contact our Planned Giving Officer on +61 8 8313 5800 or development@adelaide.edu.au.

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