Discovering new cancer therapies

Aimee Horsfall

Receiving an Augustus Short Scholarship in 2012 to study a Bachelor of Science (Molecular & Drug Design), Aimee Horsfall from Loxton South Australia, is today absorbed in research that could lead to changes in cancer treatments.

Since graduating in 2014, Aimee has undertaken her Master of Philosophy (Chemical Science) and is currently undertaking her PhD (Chemistry) at the University of Adelaide. 

However, Aimee admits she wasn’t always interested in research.

“At school I was very unsure what I wanted to do after year 12. I entertained the idea of becoming an architect, psychologist or civil engineer, but research scientist was never on my radar.”

“I picked up chemistry during year 11 and really enjoyed the challenge. This formed the crux of why I picked a Bachelor in Science.”

Aimee attributes the support of the Augustus Short Scholarship to where she is today. 

“Receiving this scholarship allowed me to focus on my studies.”

“This in turn allowed me to be accepted into my Master of Philosophy (MPhil) degree, which has a high Grade Point Average (GPA) cut off. My MPhil was a great experience and preparation, and is the reason I am now a researcher and PhD candidate.”

Life after university

“I am now at the end of the third year of my PhD looking at how we can control the 3D structure of a class of molecules called peptides.” 

“By controlling this structure we control how they interact within the body.” 

“In my project, this will allow us to develop more specific and therefore hopefully less toxic cancer therapeutics.” - Aimee Horsfall

Career highlights

“The acceptance of my first journal publication was definitely one of the highs - to finally have a piece of literature reviewed and accepted by the wider research community.”

"I am also surrounded by a great research family and have made some life-long friends through my higher-degree studies.

A message for our donor community

“Starting university is a new and often challenging situation for all students. It is times like these that your support network is most valuable. Rural students have the added difficulty of moving away from their families and established support network to pursue an academic education. This emotional strain is further compounded by the financial burden of moving out of home, which not all families are able to assist with.”

“I was very fortunate and grateful to receive scholarship support in my undergraduate degree. It went a long way to alleviate some of my financial burden, allowed me enough financial freedom to visit home, and enough time away from work to focus on my studies and make friends in my new surrounds.” 

“These scholarships give country students, who are in a financially difficult situation, the option to attend university and pursue their goals.

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