Brittany's story: Inner strength leads to dreams pursued

Student Emergency Fund

Brittany's family background was a driving force behind why she wanted to study Psychology. With a deep understanding and empathy for people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds, she now wants to help as many people as she can through being a clinical psychologist.

With four siblings, including one with a disability, Brittany experienced domestic violence at home. From the age of 14, and throughout high school, she rotated between the family home and the homes of friends and extended family, often sleeping on couches.

However, despite the challenges, she successfully completed year 12 and achieved the ATAR score she needed to be accepted into Psychological Science at the University of Adelaide.

“I enjoyed learning the different fields of psychology as part of my undergraduate degree. Knowing the prerequisites to becoming a psychologist, I always knew I wanted to do honours," Brittany said. 

"It was at the end of my third year that I found out I was pregnant with my son Charlie. At first it was terrifying. Becoming a mum flipped my world upside down and there were a lot of unknowns about what life would be with a baby and how I would complete my studies."

Brittany then took a year off to focus on being a mum and enrolled in the Bachelor of Psychology (honours) program which she studied part-time and finished in September this year.

"Being a full-time parent and studying for my honours has had its challenges. In 2019, a grant helped me to purchase a laptop, which has been essential to my studies and is not something I would have been able to afford on my own. This year, with the global pandemic and the shift to online learning, the University also helped me with internet access and food vouchers. I am very grateful for the University’s assistance which has alleviated financial pressures and allowed me to focus on the important things."

Everyone has an inner strength and we are here to support each other. The grant I received made a huge impact and I’d be honoured to give back and help others in the community when I become a psychologist.Brittany
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