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Thanks to the Augustus Short Scholarship, Declan has been able to juggle study, professional placements and relocating from rural Victoria, all while putting his time and energy towards excelling in his Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering degree.

Declan discovered his passion for mathematics and science while completing high school in the small town of Red Cliffs, neighbour to the rural city of Mildura. “The school I went to did not offer an extensive range of subjects in Year 11 and 12,” Declan said. Nevertheless, with his teachers’ support, Declan graduated with an ATAR score that granted him entry into his desired course at the University of Adelaide. Starting out at university is an exciting time for many high school graduates, Declan being no exception, but the university offer also brought with it the associated challenges and costs of relocating. Declan received the Augustus Short Scholarship in 2018, avoiding financial stress and enabling him to start full-time study. Declan said receiving a scholarship removed pressure to undertake part-time jobs throughout university semesters so he could instead secure summer holiday work relevant to his career goals.

“I have taken up various positions at Mildura Rural City Council, in both the engineering and assets teams.”

Working with the Council is allowing Declan to contribute to the community, learning skills that will aid in future professional endeavours.

Life after university

Looking to the future, Declan is grateful that a scholarship has allowed him to immerse himself in a culture of learning. 

“My study has been consistent throughout my three years and my results have shown that I am excelling. This gives me great confidence that I have chosen the correct career path. In the coming years, my main focus will be to network and get my foot in the door of an Adelaide engineering company."

Career highlights

Despite still having two years remaining of his degree, Declan is already taking steps in the right direction career-wise. The University of Adelaide’s engineering students have the opportunity to undertake professional placements in their industry.

“In my student placements so far I have enjoyed being involved in a professional environment."

“My aspirations are to establish myself as a self-sufficient engineer, and in time be able to work abroad and extend myself in other cultures and regions that are largely unknown to what we live in every day.”

A message for our donor community

“I give donors my utmost respect and thanks for believing that the generation of current students are worth their thought. Their generous gifts mean more than they know.”Declan

You can make a gift online in honour of Dr Augustus Short or by getting in touch with our Development team on +61 8 8313 5800 or

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