New scholarship to support agriculture and animal care

The Trustees for the Commonwealth Hill Trust are laying the foundation for tomorrow’s agriculturalists and veterinarians, with an undergraduate scholarship for students who are passionate about agricultural science, animal behaviour, veterinary bioscience and veterinary technology.

The trustees for the Commonwealth Hill Trust pictured with scholarship recipient Cooper

Hugh & Jock MacLachlan, trustees for the Commonwealth Hill Trust, with scholarship recipient Cooper (centre)

This will make an immeasurable difference, now and in the future, thanks to the generosity provided by the Commonwealth Hill Trust in establishing an endowed fund to underpin the scholarship. The inaugural recipient of the scholarship is 20-year-old veterinary science student Cooper. Growing up in Orroroo, Cooper attended a school of just 150 students. Cooper dedicated himself to his studies and gained entry into the Bachelor of Science (Advanced). Proving there is more than one path to achieving your dreams, Cooper explains, “I knew I wanted to work with animals and pursue a challenging career. I decided to go for it, and worked towards the grades I needed to transfer into Veterinary Science in my second year of University."

The scholarship has been crucial in helping Cooper afford study supplies and meet living costs while studying and completing industry placements. Cooper also volunteers as a guide at Adelaide Zoo, immersed in his passion for exotic animals and conservation.

I aspire to work overseas in areas where poaching or habitat destruction is prevalent, and help save animals. As a David Attenborough addict, I would enjoy a job where I can support the restoration and preservation of the natural world.Cooper Dignan, first year Bachelor of Science (Veterinary Bioscience) student
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