The gift of music

Dr Pem Gerner OAM, architect, musician, teacher and author, recently gifted his collection of saxophones to the Elder Conservatorium of Music.

Elder Conservatorium saxophone students with Pem Gerner's donated saxophones

Elder Conservatorium students with Dr Pem Gerner's donated saxophones.

An alumnus of our University, Pem graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 1974 and a Master of Environmental Studies in 1979, before acquiring his musical education. Pem's love of music started with forming his first dance band in his late teens, playing gigs around Adelaide including some at the University of Adelaide. Playing with some 25 bands over the years, it is no surprise that Pem amassed an extensive collection of saxophones. Several manufacturers of fine saxophones were, for much of the 20th century, centred in Elkhart, Indiana, and included the makes of Conn, Buescher, King and several others.

These saxophones were known for their craftsmanship, warmth of tone and aesthetic appeal, with their fine engraving on the bell. They are sought after all around the world and treasured by those who own and play them.Dr Pem Gerner OAM

Pem and his wife Penny are delighted the saxophones now reside in the best of homes - the Con.

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