PhD candidate receives emergency grant

Mother and daughter sit at laptop.

When the COVID-19 pandemic burdened Natalie* and her young family with extreme and unexpected financial stress, a Student Emergency grant was a lifeline during their time of need.

PhD candidate Natalie is one of many students who has faced adversity because of COVID-19. At the outset of the pandemic, Natalie, her husband, and their daughters had been living in Australia for two years. Natalie is Ghanaian, and before becoming a permanent resident in June, she was a member of the University of Adelaide’s vibrant international student community.

When Natalie’s husband unexpectedly lost his job because of the pandemic, Natalie questioned how they could support their family, pay rent, and cover expenses related to study, such as transport to and from field work. An international student at the time, Natalie was limited in the hours of paid work she could undertake. Natalie received an emergency grant of $1200, which provided immediate relief for the entire family.

Life after university

Currently, Natalie is pursuing her PhD in water governance in Western Australia. After Natalie completes her PhD, she hopes to pursue a career in geography. With a passion for higher education too, Natalie would like to stay connected to the University, perhaps lecturing about the management of natural resources, or working in student engagement.

A message for our donor community

“Donations to the Student Emergency Fund go a long way. A ripple effect occurs, as the grant not only helps students continue their education, but also supports their mental health and their family.”Natalie

*For privacy, Natalie's name has been changed.

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