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Kendall Jenner, Physics and Astronomy

An artistic impression of the collision of two black holes. Credit: Carl Knox"

Driven by a wonder about how the universe works and how it evolves over time, Kendall, an Augustus Short Scholarship recipient, will graduate in 2022 with a Master in Philosophy (Physics & Astronomy). 

Growing up in South Australia’s Riverland, Kendall had to move from her family home to follow her dream of studying a Bachelor of Science at the University of Adelaide. But moving to the city and the cost of living were significant barriers to her education. 

Receiving the Augustus Short Scholarship meant Kendall (the first in her family to attend University) could not only study her Bachelor of Science (High Performance Computational Physics), but also undertake volunteering and continue to pursue her other passion, soccer. 

“The scholarship gave me time to volunteer for the University as a Sciences peer mentor and student ambassador;  a speaker for STEM Sista; as well as be a part of other extra-curricular programs such as the Adelaide Graduate Award, the inaugural Women Leaders in STEM Careers program, and the STEM Fast-track program.”

Kendall Jenner, Science Alive 2021

Kendall Jenner volunteering at Science Alive 2021

Career highlights

After completing her undergraduate degree in 2019, Kendall was accepted into a Master of Philosophy (Physics & Astronomy)  at the University of Adelaide. 

“The highlights of my current postgraduate degree have been sharing my research, and the research done within my group, with schools and the public at outreach events we have attended and organised.”

Life after University

Preparing to finish her Masters in early-2022, Kendall attributes the scholarship to the volunteering and extra-curricular opportunities it has afforded her, which have helped her secure a job once her studies are completed. 

“I want to have a career where I am always learning. I want to help drive society forwards through new technologies and research.” 

“I also want to inspire women to pursue STEM careers and to break down old stereotypes and expectations.”Kendall Jenner

A message for our donor community

“Thank you so much to those who have donated towards the Augustus Short  Scholarship fund.

I have always believed I can do anything I wanted. Your generosity helped make that belief a reality.” Kendall Jenner
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